Teachers´ Voice

Did you know, that as a teacher you are at a real risk to lose or damage your voice?

Of all occupations worldwide, those of you, who are engaged in teaching, are considered to be the most at-risk of incurring voice problems.

One of the reasons is that there are huge amounts of requirements for your voice, like great resilience, capacity and variability of the voice. Also your working conditions are very demanding for your voice, like long days, background noise etc.

Are you aware of the impact of your voice to the listeners? If you do have any problems with your voice, it´s decreases your students´ listening and learning outcomes. Your voice problems do affect you psychologically, socially and economically.

It is also very common, that teachers believe as nothing can be done to their voice and it´s condition.

It is also very common, that teachers believe as nothing can be done to their voice and it´s condition.


Luckily it´s not true!

I can help you with voice training, which is often the best way to give instant help for your voice as well as to better cope with work requirements and to prevent vocal problems. Already half-day practical training will give you the most important voice and body exercises to help your voice immediately.

Please contact us, I am happy to help you and your voice!



12/03/2013 Opelix- institution Voice Pilates training

  • It's just crazy how Katri-Liis is able to locate voice problems. She is so convincing, encouraging and inspiring expert that it is a real pleasure to work with her. I look forward to a continuation course already!
  • The course was really interesting, thought-provoking, encouraging and came just at the correct time. I especially liked the way you took us into account as individuals and worked precisely with the things that were important to us.

04/2014, Päivi Kari-Zein, lecturer, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

  • I was pleased with inspiring, competent and skilled teacher!

Pekka Savinainen, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Lecturer in Spanish

  • I liked the personal guidance the most.

09/2013 Christina Karlia-Palomäki, Senior Lecturer, Master of Laws, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

  • As the voice is the most important tool of a teacher's work, I found this type of systematic sound training extremely needed for all teachers.

09/2013 Mia Snellman, lecturer, Haaga-Helia, training program of Business Administration

  • I got excellent advice for my voice. A great trainer! I recommend her to anyone who wants to add presence and conviction in presenting.

09/2013 Marjo Vuokko, lecturer, Haaga-Helia Porvoo

  • The whole course was excellent, the filming of one own presenting was really an eye-opener.

Minna Kilpeläinen, lecturer of tv-journalism, Helsinki

  • Course teacher was genuinely interested in course participants different backgrounds. I was very pleased with personal feedback from the trainer; welcoming and positive atmosphere and video analysis. Thank you!


Teachers from different educational levels, from basic education to vocational training and universities


  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
  • Helsinki University
  • Aalto university
  • Sibelius-academy
  • Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • Helsinki Vocational College (Stadin ammattiopisto)
  • Finnish Federation of Gymnastics
  • Finnish Federation of Pilates
  • Somatic Pilates 1-course in Somatic Center
  • Helsinki City Theatre etc.


  • Tallinn University
  • Tartu University
  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • Program EDUKO Archimedes in-service training of teachers
  • Estonian Defence League School
  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • Rakvere College of Tallinn University
  • Program VÕIT
  • Estonian Logopedists´ Union
  • Avaja Yoga center etc.


  • University of Vilnius
  • Busan Choral Institute, South Korea