Politicians´ Voice Coaching

Did you know that political leaders with lower voices are perceived as more dominant and attractive? (Prof. Rosario Signorello UCLA)

Do you want to have charismatic and strong voice with lot´s of authority?

I can help you to create persuasive political messages and deliver them with impact in all speaking contexts!

I provide trainings with an advanced skill set appropriate to your role, level of seniority and communication challenges. I work with you in English, Finnish, Estonian and partly in Russian, and it is possible to use all other languages for voice and presence feedback, from what I have experience from 24 official EU languages. Politician

Contact us, I can help to make your voice heard!



Salla Saastamoinen (Finland) 12/2014, Brussels

  • The training is excellent in a international environment where it is important to present yourself clearly and pleasantly. Also the personal correction to the position was good.

Alvydas Stancikas (Lithuania) 12/2014 Brussels

  • Many Thanks for the course. Very useful, especially from the point of view of techniques. I will use them right away next Monday.

EU Parliament, DG INTE, 05/2014, Brussels

  • Extremely useful. Amazing trainer.
  • Mrs. Vainio is very professional voice trainer and has a very positive attitude. I think the small size of the group was a big benefit too as I got a feeling of attending a very personalized course.
  • The most useful training I ever had.
  • I found the trainer to be very good and capable of transmitting her knowledge. Thank you for the opportunity!
  • I found the trainer very able and pleasant. She took at heart every personal case, I do recommend her as a trainer and her course.


My clients include the European Institutions, i.e. the Parliament (MEP:s, DG INTE, EPP Group etc.), Commission and Council; OHIM (The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) Academy; The Finnish Prime Minister´s Office; The Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ); Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) of Finland; different political parties in Finland etc.