Katri-Liis Vainio

  • Executive voice and public speaking coach 
  • Speaker of TedX and different conferences
  • CEO and Founder of VoicePilates Pro Oy Ltd. (Finland) 
  • Innovator of VoicePilates® method, Somatic Pilates licensed instructor, BIP™ (Balance in Phonation) Certified Trainer 
  • Lecturer of Finnish and Estonian universities; Innovator and supervisor of “Teachers´ voice culture and self-expression” course in TLÜ Estonia
  • BA, MA, PhD Jun. Researcher in University of Helsinki, "Voice Pilates - the supported reflective pedagogy of teacher´s voice training"
  • Member of organising and expert committee of "The World Voice Day" Estonia 2014 and 2015
  • Devoted in raising awareness and contributing in policy-making in situation of occupational safety and health (OSH) in voice and speech professionals in Europe


Katri-Liis Vainio


Working experience

  • When helping stage fright clients, Katri-Liis combines her work with TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), with her sister, psychologist and TRE instructor Hele Aluste
  • Leadership and team building coach of international companies since 2008, specialized using "Fabula®-based Leadership Development and Management Consulting Tools"; "Me and My Work Analysis"; "Natural Tendencies Analysis" (MBTI-based) and other facilitation, leadership and team building tools. 
  • Somatic Pilates and Somatic Streching-trainer since 2008 
  • Speaking voice and presentation skills coach since 1998 with high-level competences and recognized experience with a multicultural and multinational setting on both private and public sectors in Estonian, Finnish, English and Russian languages. 
  • Singing voice coach since 1996. Students have passed entrance exams to Kulturama School of Performing Arts (Sweden), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Sibelius academy (Finland). Long-term coach of several Finnish choirs. 
  • Professional singer since 1993-, specialised in baroque and contemporary music, Cross-over opera group "Taite", Finnish Radio Chamber Choir, baroque ensembles, "Duo Soffice" etc.


Everybody should have a knowledge and possibilities to use their voice at their best.

My mission is to help people in every occupation to understand the power and effect of their voice.

You are worth to know your vocal abilities, instead of concentrating on your weaknesses or ignoring your talents.